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Ducky Channel Shine 5 DKSH1508ST-WUKADAAT1

Nature White Cherry MX Switch, ABS Keycaps, Full RGB Lighting
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Product Code:  DKSH1508ST-WUKADAAT1
Product Brand:  Ducky Channel
Layout:   UK
Size:   Full Size
Led Colour:   RGB
Switch Type:   Nature White Cherry MX
Brands:   Ducky Channel
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Ducky Shine 5 is the first model that comes with the ABS double shot backlit keycaps. ABS double shot keycaps are built by two different colours of plastic combined. The keycap surface and the character will not be worn out. Also with this the LED lights can emit the light through the keycaps just like any other ABS backlit keycaps.

Ducky Shine 5's Double-shot key caps are designed and engineered in a way to try and give the you the best feel and experience,  therefore Ducky can and at the same time decorate it with special patterns to achieve the best look and usability all at once.

Ducky have started using this new technique "The 2 Double-layer PCB" to improve the backlight and colour choice. Ducky puts all SMD RGB LED on the second Double-layer PCB. This then improves the brightness with a better outcome.

Ducky Shine 5 carries the goods and the legacy from the Shine 4’s shape, design and the modern looks. Hairline finish texture is used on the cover to enhance and emphasis a better quality and premium feel.

Powered by ARM M3 micro-controller.
Ducky Shine 5 is powered by an ARM M3 micro-controller. This powerful controller allows advanced functions as well as the stunning backlighting effects.

Lighting Modes
The Shine 5 has a 100% full backlight mode. All the individual keys are backlit one by one. This mode allows you to change the backlight's colour and brightness to your personal preference.

Breathing Mode
The Shine 5 also has a rhythmically fade in and out creating a calm and tranquil backlighting effect.

Colour Cycling Mode
On the Shine 5 the backlight colour will slowly cycle through with the colours available through the Dual colour LEDs.

Wave Mode
Another exciting feature is the wave backlighting effect with a twist. Dual Colour LEDs' give this mode a new life with plethora of colours highlighting the wave as it glides through the keyboard.

Backlighting Colour Modes

- Snake Marquee Mode
Watch as the Snake snakes its way through the keyboard with the lighting effect in the background of the keys. An exciting feature that is available on the Shine 5.

- Raindrop Mode
Each LED will randomly generate a colour and fade out at a randomised interval.

- Reactive Mode
Ducky's innovative backlighting effect. Individual keys light up with every single key press with user adjustable colour.

- Reactive Mode Advanced
The Ducky Shine 5 generates a randomised colour with each keypress.

  • Manufacturer: Ducky Channel
  • Type: Mechanical Keyboard
  • Switch: Natural White Cherry MX Mechanical Switches
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Simultaneous Key Input: USB N-Key Rollover (NKRO)
  • LED: RGB Color
  • Keycap Material: ABS
  • Legend Printing: Double Shot
  • Dimensions: 460 x 154 x 34mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
Box Contents
1X Ducky Channel Shine 5 Keyboard
1X Ducky Channel Key Puller
1X Dust Cover
1X Additional Spacebar
1X USB Cable
Warranty Card
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